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Egg Burger- recipe 🍳


  • Egg 
  • Salt(1\2 teaspoon, according to taste) 
  • Black pepper(according to taste) 
  • Burger bun 
  • Cheese slices


  • Take a nonstick skillet and wipe it up with light oil spray and heat it in a medium flame. 
  • When the skillet is warm break the eggs into it and adds salt, pepper according to taste. 
  • When the eggs are set add a cheese slice over it and heat it till it melts. 
  • Cut the burger bread into 2 half pieces, warm the bread in a light flame. 
  • Place the egg on the top of the bottom bread(toast). 
  • Garnish it with sausages. 
  • On the top cover it with the remaining half pieces of warm bread. 
  • A simple and tasty Egg burger is ready and serves it with freshly prepared salad.


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